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Oxyntomodulin and Glicentin: Novel Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Disorders

(for research use only)   Introduction ♦ Oxyntomodulin and Glicentin are secreted from enteroendocrine L-cells and  neuronal cells of brain along with glucagon-like peptide-1,  glucagon-like peptide-2 and peptide YY. ♦ Oxyntomodulin, which contains the glucagon sequence with a carboxyterminal extension, is a dual agonist of glucagon and GLP-1 receptors ♦ Glicentin, which contains the sequence … [Read more…]

Glicentin ELISA

The Glicentin ELISA immunoassay kit uses highly characterized antibody pairs with precise antibody binding locations to eliminate cross-reactivity.



Proglucagon ELISA

The Proglucagon Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kit provides materials for the quantitative measurement of Proglucagon in human plasma and other biological fluids. No detectable cross-reactivity to Glucagon, GLP-1, GLP-2, Oxyntomodulin, GRPP, MPGF-1, MPGF-2, Insulin, C-Peptide, or Thyroglobulin.



Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) ELISA

The Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit provides materials for the quantitative measurement of MPGF in EDTA plasma and other biological fluids. This kit is intended for Research Use Only and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Glucagon Regulation

Importance of reliable glucagon measurements   Insulin and glucagon are the central hormonal mediators of glucose homeostasis. Abnormalities in both hormones contribute to the pathophysiology of diabetes and understanding the role of glucagon is essential to optimizing the strategies for diabetes diagnosis and therapeutics. Persons with Type 2 Diabetes have been reported to have elevated … [Read more…]


Ansh Labs’ product listing includes some of our newest products such as Glicentin, Glucagon, GLP-1, C-Peptide of Insulin, Oxyntomodulin, Dried Blood Spot FSH & LH, Total Inhibin, plus a full line of IGF assays. Product Listing (Brief Listing)

Glucagon ELISA

The Glucagon ELISA kit measures Glucagon (1-29) with no detectable cross-reactivity to Glicentin, Oxyntomodulin, GLP-1, GLP-2, or GRPP. Simple procedure, 2.5 hour incubations, no extraction needed, no special collection tube required. Relevant dynamic range and sensitivity.



Ansh Labs’ Citations

The following are a collection of articles citing our products. Ansh Labs does not claim or endorse any clinical applications that may be stated or implied in the articles. These articles are provided to show that our products are well validated and trusted by the scientific community. We only support the Intended Use that is … [Read more…]

Safety Data Sheets

AL-101, AL-101-i      picoPAPP-A ELISA AL-103      Total Beta hCG ELISA AL-104      AFP ELISA AL-105, AL-105-i      AMH, Ultra-Sensitive ELISA AL-107, AL-107-i      Inhibin B ELISA AL-108            MBP ELISA AL-109, AL-109-i      PAPP-A2 ELISA AL-110, AL-110-i      Activin A ELISA AL-113            Rat / Mouse AMH ELISA AL-114            Bovine AMH ELISA AL-115            Equine AMH ELISA AL-116      … [Read more…]