Glucagon Regulation

Helping to advance glucagon regulation research in an effort to improve treatments for diabetes.

Several recent publications have cited the need for accurate, specific, and reliable assays for glucagon, GLP-1, and oxyntomodulin. Researchers worldwide have struggled for years trying to find assays that truly measure what they say they measure, and preferably with simple procedures that do not require multiple overnight incubations or complex sample extractions.


The University of Copenhagen, a highly respected institution with hundreds of published articles on metabolism and glucagon regulation, had some disturbing observations in several 2014 studies:


⇒ None of [the chosen] assays can measure human oxyntomodulin (or glicentin) concentrations with any reliability.

⇒ Concentrations of endogenous immunoreactive GLP-1 in the samples varied greatly.

⇒ Five [glucagon kits] performed so poorly, the results were considered meaningless.

⇒ The best-performing assay for glucagon [had problems with] its accuracy in the low concentration range.


This is not to say that there are not any viable assays on the market, but rather to emphasize the importance of choosing well-validated assays from original manufacturers who have performed extensive linearity, recovery, and cross-reactivity studies. Quality manufacturers will maintain stringent quality control processes to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. Ansh Labs has decades of experience developing some of the most challenging immunoassays. Working with opinion leaders and academic institutions, we have developed and screened hundreds of antibodies to pair and optimize for use in specific and simple glucagon regulation assays.


Ansh Labs is pleased to announce the availability of multiple new immunoassays:


Glicentin ELISA

Glucagon ELISA



Oxyntomodulin ELISA

Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) ELISA

C-Peptide of Insulin ELISA


* Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other product documentation, these kits are intended for research use only and not for in vitro diagnostic purposes or therapeutic uses.

Development of Novel Specific and Sensitive ELISAs for Proglucagon-Derived Peptides (Poster Presentation at AACC 2017)

Specific monoclonal antibodies based ELISAs have been developed to measure pro-glucagon peptide fragments.


⇒ The oxyntomodulin and glucagon assays measure total oxyntomodulin (1-37,3-37,4-37) and glucagon (1-29) in human and mouse plasma with no cross-reaction to glucagon and oxyntomodulin, respectively.

⇒ Specimens collected in EDTA tubes are stable upon freezing at -80°C and do not require extraction procedure.

⇒ Circulating oxyntomodulin level increased with food intake and was not impacted by GLP-1 infusion.