Glicentin ELISA

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The Glicentin ELISA immunoassay kit uses highly characterized antibody pairs with precise antibody binding locations to eliminate cross-reactivity.



Catalog Number

AL-185(RUO)-Instructions for Use


96 well microtiter


HRP-based ELISA, colorimetric detection by dual wavelength absorbance at 450 nm and 630 nm as reference filter

Dynamic Range

6, 33.3-1666 pg/mL

Species Reactivity

Enquire about animal-specific cross-reactivity

Limit of Detection

4.17 pg/mL

Sample Size

25 µL

Sample Type


Assay Time

2.5 hours

Shelf Life

24 months



Glicentin is a 69 amino acid N-terminal peptide derived from proglucagon (PG 1-69) by posttranslational processing in the intestine by intestinal L-cells.Glicentin can further be processed into oxyntomodulin, corresponding to proglucagon residues no 33-69. These peptides are released simultaneously upon stimulation. Glicentin is a pro-glucagon derived gut peptide that is released in the gut in response to feed intake. It is present in high levels in thecirculation after stimulation and is often a problem when measuring glucagonbecause of its shared sequence.


Glicentin ELISA AL-185

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