Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) ELISA

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The Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit provides materials for the quantitative measurement of MPGF in EDTA plasma and other biological fluids. This kit is intended for Research Use Only and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Catalog Number

AL-175(RUO)-Instructions for Use

Species Reactivity

Enquire about animal-specific cross-reactivity


96 well microtiter


HRP-based ELISA, colorimetric detection by dual wavelength absorbance at 450 nm and 630 nm as reference filter

Dynamic Range

6, 0.05-3 ng/mL

Limit of Detection

0.003 ng/mL

Sample Size

25 µL

Sample Type


Assay Time

2.5 hours

Shelf Life

24 months



Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) is an 86-amino acid hormone secreted from the pancreas1-3. MPGF is identified as the Carboxy terminal portion of proglucagon that contains two glucagon-related sequences. The MPGF sequence is highly conserved among mammals. Tissue specific processing of proglucagon in the pancreas releases MPGF. Intestinal processing of MPGF releases the Glucagon-Like Peptides 1 and 2 (GLP-1 and GLP-2)1-5. Measuring the circulating levels of MPGF will help in understanding the defective or abnormal metabolic pathways leading to diabetes and obesity. This kit is designed to measure MPGF.

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Major Proglucagon Fragment


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