1T-2T Maternal Screening Bi-Level Controls

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Ansh Labs Maternal Serum (MS) Bi-Level Controls are intended for use as quality controls to monitor the accuracy and reproducibility of laboratory testing methods for the determination of AFP, Inhibin A, free beta hCG, Estriol, PAPP-A and Intact hCG in human serum.

Regulatory Status

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


1 set (2 vials – L, H)

Dynamic Range

High: PAPP-A 2500 ng/mL, Free B-hCG 67 ng/mL, AFP 46 ng/mL, Estriol 3.6 ng/mL, Inhibin A 413 pg/mL, Intact hCG 33 IU/mL, Low: PAPP-A 860 ng/mL, Free B-hCG 22 ng/mL, AFP 15 ng/mL, Estriol 1 ng/mL, Inhibin A 129 pg/mL, Intact hCG 9.4 IU/mL

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