FSH, Dried Blood Spot ELISA

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Dried blood spot specimens stability makes it a practical alternative to venous blood. It opens new possibilities in testing, such as comparison of historical to current patient results; simplified blood sampling for patients in remote locations or for those who are homebound. Instead of traveling to a clinic to get blood drawn, a blood spot sample can be taken at a convenient site and mailed to a laboratory.

Regulatory Status

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


96 well microtiter


HRP-based ELISA, colorimetric detection by dual wavelength absorbance at 450 nm and 630 nm as reference filter

Dynamic Range

6, 0.17-25 mIU/mL

Limit of Detection

1 Disk (7.9 mm) – 0.136 mIU/mL, 2 Disk (7.9 mm) – 0.068 mIU/mL

Sample Size

1 Disk (7.9 mm) – 0.136 mIU/mL, 2 Disk (9.7 mm) – 0.068 mIU/mL

Sample Type

extracted DBS sample

Assay Time

1.5 hours

Species Reactivity


Shelf Life

24 months



Catalog Number


Dried Blood Spot ELISA AL-187

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