Increased risk of Dementia among the elderly using Benzodiazepines

FROM: BMJ A positive correlation has been found between chronic users of Benzodiazepines and dementia by researchers at Universite’ Bordeaux Segalen in France. Benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed in most countries to treat anxiety and insomnia for short periods of time, particularly among the elderly. Despite good practices and guidelines, many people take them for extended … [Read more…]

Study Debunks ‘Andropause’ in Aging Men

FROM: the Clinical Endocrinology News Digital Network by Bruce Jancin In this article by Bruce Jancin of the Clinical Endocrinology News Digital Network, the often discussed age-related decline in testosterone and popularized concept of ‘andropause” is rejected. In a study of 1,382 males approximately 54 years of age who were followed over 5 years, testosterone … [Read more…]