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Understanding Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH)

At Ansh Labs, we recognize the pivotal role that Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) plays in reproductive health. AMH, a hormone secreted by the ovarian follicles, has become a key marker in assessing ovarian reserve and fertility. Through our advanced research and immunoassay development services, we aim to provide deeper insights into AMH and its implications for both women and men.

AMH Levels and Reproductive Health

AMH Testing

AMH testing is a cornerstone in evaluating ovarian reserve. By measuring AMH levels in the blood, we can offer a snapshot of a woman's remaining egg supply. This is invaluable in fertility planning and understanding reproductive health. Our assays are designed with precision, ensuring accurate AMH level readings.

Ovarian Reserve and Fertility

Understanding the ovarian reserve is crucial for anyone looking to conceive. AMH levels can provide a clear picture of fertility potential. Lower AMH levels might indicate a diminished ovarian reserve, while higher levels, often seen in conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), point to a larger reserve.

AMH in Various Conditions

AMH and Menopause

AMH levels decline as menopause approaches, offering a predictive tool for understanding the transition phase. Our sensitive assays can detect even the smallest changes in AMH levels, aiding in menopause research and management.


PCOS can lead to elevated AMH levels due to a higher number of developing follicles. Our assays enable the differentiation between normal and heightened AMH levels, assisting in the diagnosis and management of PCOS.

AMH in Fertility Treatments


In vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates are closely tied to ovarian reserve. AMH testing has become an indispensable tool in IVF, helping tailor treatment plans to individual needs. Our reliable AMH assays support clinicians in optimizing IVF strategies.

AMH and Fertility Treatments

Beyond IVF, AMH levels guide a range of fertility treatments. From timing interventions to selecting the right treatment course, AMH plays a critical role. Our assays provide the accuracy needed for these life-changing decisions.

AMH Beyond Female Fertility

AMH and Pregnancy

AMH levels not only inform about fertility status but can also offer insights during pregnancy. Our research is expanding to explore the impact of AMH throughout pregnancy.

AMH and Male Reproductive Health

AMH is not exclusive to women; it also plays a role in male reproductive health. Our studies include the development of assays to understand AMH's function in the male reproductive system, breaking new ground in male fertility research.

Why Choose Ansh Labs?

At Ansh Labs, we are committed to advancing AMH research and developing highly sensitive and specific assays. Our dedication to immunoassay excellence is matched by our drive to contribute to reproductive health advancements. From our innovative approach to Feline AMH Testing to our cutting-edge solutions for human health, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our products' long shelf life, combined with our expertise in antibody development and immunoassay technology, ensures that our partners receive reliable, consistent results. We are here to support your research, whether you're exploring new frontiers in fertility, diagnosing reproductive health conditions, or advancing towards a healthier future.

Join us at Ansh Labs as we turn hope for a healthier future into reality. For dependable, accurate immunoassay solutions that move your research forward, we are your trusted partner. Stay informed on the latest in immunoassay development by subscribing to our newsletter. Together, let's make significant strides in reproductive health research and treatment.

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