Species Specific Immunoassays

Researchers, endangered species experts and veterinary surgeons throughout the world utilize Ansh Labs’ range of endocrine immunoassays for the analysis of animal samples. Plasma, Serum, Saliva, Fecal Extracts, Tissue Extracts and samples from cell culture media are examples of the varied types of samples that have been analyzed using Ansh Labs’ assays in numerous applications and in a vast range of species. In addition to client publications and reports, Ansh Labs has also validated many of its immunoassays for various animal species as well as offering an array of species-specific assays.

The Quick Reference Matrix that can be downloaded below is intended to give the reader a convenient overview of the immunoassays that have been tested for various animal applications. This information has been collated over many years from a number of different sources, and indicates the suitability of the Ansh Labs’ assays for animal specimen analysis. For ease of reference in this matrix, the following qualifiers have been used to describe the evidence to establish the cross-reactivity finding:

V – Validated – Data available upon request confirming the suitability of the assay for a particular animal species.
P – Published – Use of assay for sample analysis for a particular species has been published in a scientific journal.
R – Reported – Reported by Client(s) as suitable for sample analysis for a particular species. Validation not confirmed by Ansh Labs.


Validating Immunoassays

Validation of an immunoassay for a particular animal specimen should be undertaken prior to analysis of experimental animal samples. It is vital that the validation procedure be completed with the same specimen type as that used or planned in the experiment.

The suitability of an immunoassay for a particular animal specimen will depend upon (1) the compatibility between the assay matrix and that of the specimen type; (2) the cross-reactivity or the analyte with the antibody components of the assay; (3) the sensitivity of the assay. In some cases, a kit may perform satisfactorily without modification, while others may require modest or extensive modification of validation with an appropriate calibrator for optimal performance. Ansh Labs evaluates species cross reactivity by observing linear and parallel dilution. Investigators should use a neat (pure sample) and conduct serial dilutions using the “A” or zero Standard of the kit as the diluent. The results should be graphed with the dilution and standard curve appearing on the same set of axes.

For more details on how to validate an assay for various species, please see the page titled, “Assay Validation for Animals“.