Folliculogenesis EduGraphic

Ansh Labs’ research and discovery team is exploring the interplay of the various hormones that are involved in follicle recruitment, maturation, and dominant follicle selection. We specialize in the development of antibodies and immunoassays for TGF-ß superfamily hormones, biomarkers of cardiometabolic diseases, insulin-like growth factors, etc.

Click on the image below to view our latest educational graphic on Folliculogensis. It was developed in collaboration with several key opinion leaders involved in human reproduction. We do plan to expand on this graphic so we welcome any recommendations you may have. Simply contact us on the Contact form and let us know your thoughts. The next iteration will include follicle size at each stage, estimated time frames for the follicle to progress, and estimated atresia amount at each stage.  We can also provide the raw graphic files if you wish to translate or incorporate this into an educational piece.

Download as JPG, PNG, or Adobe PDF.