Folliculogenesis Educational Graphic


Ansh Labs’ research and discovery team is exploring the interplay of the various hormones that are involved in follicle recruitment, maturation, and dominant follicle selection. We specialize in the development of antibodies and immunoassays for TGF-ß superfamily hormones, biomarkers of cardiometabolic diseases, insulin-like growth factors, etc. Click on the image below to view our latest educational … [Read more…]

Boy or Girl? Beyond X and Y

Boy or Girl? Beyond X and Y Insulin and insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) are hormones known for their role in metabolism and growth, but now scientists are elucidating their importance in another arena: sex determination. Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) found that in the absence of these factors at the time of sex … [Read more…]

Fertility hope following Chemotherapy and Radiation for Cancer patients

FROM: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Researchers from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Monash University, and Prince Henry’s institute of Medical Research have identified two specific proteins called PUMA and NOXA that cause egg cell death in the ovaries. When DNA of the egg cells are damaged following chemotherapy or radiation, PUMA and NOXA trigger … [Read more…]

Depression during pregnancy tied to premature births

FROM: Reuters by Amy Norton Amy Norton discusses a study in which researchers analyzed 14,000 pregnancies to determine the incidence of preterm deliveries that occurred in women who screened positive for clinical depression during pregnancy. While only 14% of women who screened positive for depression delivered preterm, 10% of women who did not screen positive … [Read more…]